Friday, February 6, 2009

We Can Do Anything Boys Can Do Better

Just a quick complaint.
With the current trend of dance shows, I've noticed an undercurrent of sexism. I don't know if you guys have noticed it too, but it's really getting on my nerves.

Watching America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) last night, I noticed that the majority of compliments the girl crews received pertained to their looks, not their talent. There's a b-girl crew featured, and that group has received high praise for their ability to mimic boys when dancing. Apparently, the best compliment a girl can receive is to be told she looks like a boy!

I understand that hip-hop dancing is usually associated with men. That women are naturally more soft looking than men because of our curves. But that doesn't mean we can't dance just as good as they can, hit our moves just as hard. The Beat Freaks crew is not an exception, they just provide an example of how well women can perform, popping and breaking, when given the chance.

The other girl group has been constantly criticized for emulating cheerleaders. How can Americans take them seriously when the judges view them as sexual objects? Though they won the dance-off last night, apparently, that had nothing to do with their skill. They were just beautiful to watch. Sexy. Pretty. Talented? Maybe.
And this isn't just a hip-hop thing. This parallel between beauty and talent was constantly emphasized on Superstars of Dance. The female soloists seemed to valued merely for their looks. No matter how well they executed their routines, the panel couldn't past how hot the women were. Sample scoring: "You are gorgeous. 9." That's nice but, if I were a dancer, I'd be insulted. Tell me my showing was stunning instead.

Listen, we know we're hot. Grade us on our dance ability instead.


Christine said...

I totally see this.
and it's usually from the female judge, Lil' Mama.

Her way to compliment a girl group is to say..."danng you guys dance like make me proud"

Like the standard of comparison for dancing are boys...and girls can only imitate them.

shame shame shame.

Melvin said...

this is because all the judges are complete retards!..everything they say is wrong..with the exception of maybe shane sparks...they need to do a season of abdc and have fans pick the next three judges!=)