Monday, February 23, 2009

Jai Ho Indeed!

the cast & a crew of slumdog accepting the award (photo:

No surprise here. After sweeping practically every major film award prize, Slumdog Millionaire took home the most covetted of them all: the 81st Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science's Best Picture award.

Usually I don't watch award ceremonies from beginning to end, but this year it seemed like the award show was different. It was refreshing to behold a "browner" red carpet. The entire cast, from the child actors who were born into the slums of Mumbai to Bollywood superstars, created this energy everywhere they went.

Since Bitch, Please! has South Indian roots, I think I can speak for both De and I when I say that we are especially proud of A.H. Rahman's nominations and win. This guy, along with every other composer, is a genius. But honestly working in India's film industry which not only puts out more films per year than any other nation in the world and composing original scores which has the greatest impact on the country's musical culture is nothing short of amazing. And the guy sings too! It's great to see how intertwined music and film is in Indian simply does not provide a backdrop to a plot but is written into the plot. In Slumdog you can tell how the music was part of the story...and I have no doubt in my mind that Rahman's victory was well deserved.

I do wish I live-blogged during the ceremony. You know there are only two reasons to see the Oscars...1) to see the extravagant dresses and 2) to see who won and the reactions of those who that order exactly. If I did live-blog, this is what I would have taken note of.

Sarah Jessica Parker's, Miley Cyrus' dresses: I wanted to slap both of them. First of all...why are you guys even there? Honestly, I hate these ostentatious dresses, they look ridiculous and out of place. Ya guys should have been on top of a wedding cake.

Hugh Jackman and Beyonce's "Musical" Performance: Musicals are back!....o wait, Beyonce just killed the musical.

Zack Efron pronouncing Rahman as RAHKMAN: Really, Efron I know you thought you sounded cool if you ethnicized his last name but you were wrong the first time and also the fifth time.

James Franco and Seth Rogan: Genius! with the perfect touch of homoerotic awkwardness.

Angelina and Brad's faces when Jen Aniston presented: you could totally tell they were putting on happy faces for the cameras. But seriously if I were Ang, I would be happy too. Brad Pitt versus John Mayer?? O goodness nooo contest!

Danny Boyle: an Oompa Loompa disguised as a tall human?

Slumdog Millionaire: still confused as to why this film isn't considered a foreign film...o well, JAI HO!


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