Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post-racial America?

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For those of who haven't seen the now infamous Post cartoon widely speculated to be caricaturing Obama.

Racist? Harmless? What do you think?

This reminds of the LeBron James/King Kong controversy last year. Need a refresher? Here's a post from my personal blog that touches on it:


Gioconda said...

Wow, I can't believe that got printed. It is completely racist and I would treat it as a threat to the President if I were in the US Secret Service.

There is no way this is harmless. I asked myself, am I myself racist if the thought that comes to mind is that the chimp is supposed to represent a black man, who happens to be our President?
And then I had to answer, no, this isn't a racist thought because (a) of the reference to the bill and (b) because it would be simply ignorant of me not to be aware of this stereotype.

It is the cartoonist who is perpetuating this stereotype and threatening the President of the United States.

ps I wasn't aware of this cartoon, that Vanity Fair photographer or of that cover of LeBron James, so thank you for helping me not be media-challenged!

divadiv said...

No problem Liz. I wouldn't have known about the whole LeBron thing without my Politics and Fashion class last.

And yes, in no way would you be racist for seeing the connection between the monkey and an African American. Because this a pointed political cartoon. The Bush monkey cartoons used to use a caricature of Bush's face with just huge ears. I mean Obama has large ears, if they were to show him like that and call him stupid that might only recall the our-president's-stupid cartoons.

This one goes a little too far given the historical context of cartoonists portraying Black men as apes.