Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gosselin's Big Announcement..

"Hug me"

As you all must have heard, Jon and Kate Gosselin have a big announcement to reveal on Monday. ahhh! "Life changing decisions," they say...ones that will give them "peace." Most people are guessing that it's a divorce announcement...but I say bahh to that. What reality show couple files for divorce without meeting with Dr. Phil first? So I am here to take a guess as to what the big news is.

A) They are having twins! Babies fix all marital problems!

B) They are kicking Mady out of the family. A decision that will surely give everyone more peace.

C) They are going to take a break from the show and talk it out... No, that's not realistic.

D) They're going to DisneyWorld!!!

Honestly though, I hope they take option C. I guess we'll all have to tune in on Monday to find out. This better not be a ploy by TLC to get higher ratings.

For nostalgia's sake, take a look at their vow renewal just last year. What a difference one year can make. (sorry cannot embed the video, so you must watch it on YouTube)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life is Short. Have an Affair.

"Life is Short. Have an Affair"

That is the banner that welcomes you to married dating and affairs site.

I first heard their infamous slogan when I was listening to the radio one night. The commercial was intentionally spare and intriguing. A dating website for married people?

I had to find out more.

I googled "Ashley Madison" and lo and behold! The site is real! This is not some swingers website where couples look for extramarital adventure together; this is a place where individuals who are either married or are in committed relationships try to find others like them so they can have affairs...yes, the kind of affair that your partner doesn't know about.

Cheating 2.0.

The president of Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman, has gotten alot of media scrutiny over his controversial cheating site. He's been sliced and diced on Tyra, the View, CNN, etc

His justification is that this site doesn't make people cheat. He says people that are going to cheat, will cheat. Why not be smart and discrete about it so that your parter doesn't find out? Translation: The ultimate choice to cheat is yours, America. There will be no blood on Mr. Biderman's hands for families torn apart by infidelity.

What kind of crap of an excuse is that? It's like saying, people are going to kill each other anyway, let's provide easy access to guns.

Mr. Biderman is filth and his website makes me nauseous: it encourages liars and cheats to continue lying and cheating and it glamourizes The Affair-- as popular culture has done since forever.

What about effin' loyalty? Is that no longer sacred? On the heels of the Jon & Kate mess and Elizabeth Edward's new autobiography that touches upon John's affair, the topic of infidelity has been all over the headlines.

A little off topic here but for those following along with the Jon & Kate drama (notice I refuse to say reality), I can speak for most when I say that it is disheartening to watch this show.

There is no joy watching Jon and Kate pretend to be a family on TV. The show isn't even about the adorable kids anymore but their marital problems. He is allegedly having an affair with 23 year old school teacher and she is supposedly hooking up with her body-guard.

Just from the Season Premiere a few weeks ago you can tell that Jon and Kate are not living under the same roof. They admit going through a rough patch although they both claim that they're in it for the family. BULLSHIT.

The way they have been acting is completely selfish. They deliberately act like a family on TV not for the welfare of their eight kids but what seems like their own vanity. Jon's acting like a 20 something bachelor and Kate's being swept away by the glitz and glamour of fame and money.

They need to put fame on hold for the sake of preserving their family.

I'm slowing weaning off this show. I don't think I can watch this trainwreck any longer. Will you continue to watch the Jon & Kate mess?