Thursday, March 19, 2009

Does This Make Me a Hypocrite?

Tonight, I submitted my application to Playboy Industries. Not for a modeling gig, duh! It's for an editorial researcher position at the magazine.

I honestly have no idea what that position would entail. Calling up the Playmate of the Month to verify her sexual history? Fact checking pervy letters? If nothing else this'll be interesting.

In light of last week's feminist rant, this submission may seem a bit hypocritical. Hef might have been a part of the sexual revolution but, he did not give women the power to liberate themselves. Sexuality can be empowering, don't get me wrong. But from what I've seen and read, Playboy also exploits some really dumb women.

I could see that in the long run, spending my whole work week pouring over the misogynistic contents of the magazine could end up somewhat mentally damaging. Not to mention doing a number on my self esteem. But hey, I need the work.

And you know, Gloria Steinem, the face of American feminism, worked for Hef at one time. And she did it wearing a bunny costume. What's good enough for her is good enough for me.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Put Them Women Back in Their Place

As a former journalism student, the more I read about the recession, the more disgusted I am. I realize that in this field we need to report the most topical, current news. My problem isn't with what this news is but, what information is actually considered news.

Recessionomics is the new buzz word. It's all over the Net. And with a few simple tips, we hyperconsumers can learn to be recessionistas (there's no word for men cuz ya know, they always knew how to spend their money wisely). Buy generic! It's cheaper! What a shocker. Skip the Starbucks; brew at home. It's cheaper! Really?!

Well here's a new one. I hope you are as appalled as I am: The recession allows women to be mommies again. Isn't that great? Being all career-driven obviously prevented women from carrying out their female duties. Having and taking care of babies. Making dinner. Cleaning the house. I just feel like this article takes the most extreme example of a woman who was unable to balance work life with family life. It definitely is a struggle to be a working mom. And there are a lot of sacrifices to be made. But there is such a thing as career satisfaction. And having a life independent of your kids.

So now that so many people are getting laid off, apparently women finally have the chance to focus on the private sphere. What did they think they were doing in the workforce anyway? That should put them in their place. Serves them right for thinking they were equal with men. Maybe they'll like staying at home so much that they'll decide not to re-enter the job pool. And then there will be enough jobs for the men out there. And they can regain their machismo by being the sole breadwinner for the family. No more unemployment! We can return to the post-WWII time, when jobs were ample for men, women were pushed out of the labor force, we weren't so dependent on credit, and things were just peachy keen.
Sorry for the rant guys. It's just, I expect more from my fellow writers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Wack-est Name Ever

Read this story. It will make you feel good:

Poor woman. This Beloit, Wisc. native (of course) was born with the legal name Marijuana Pepsi. It's like the fates played a cruel, cruel joke on her.

In an earlier posting, Cris posted about how ridiculous some adjective Malu names can come off sounding to those who aren't Malu. And maybe to those who are too. But honestly, in comparison to the name Marijuana, nobody should feel ashamed to wear a name tag that reads Shiny, Pinky, or Gifty.

Now, Marijuana has some balls. I love that she didn't try to make her name appear more proper by changing her name to Mary Jane. I mean, this woman refused to compromise. Because the principle of the matter is, no one should be judged by their name. People with non-typical names are always going to be judged by society but, that doesn't mean it's right.

Now even though this article is all about exploiting her name, there's redemption in the fact that this woman didn't allow her name to hold her back. I can't count the number of times I've had to get into conversations over ethnic names. Or how many times I've been told that ethnic (usually "black") names can hold a person back in life. Keep them from getting jobs, promotions, etc. Because I read this article on the Chicago Tribune site, I was saddened to see that she was black when I got to the original article. I'm not saying that there's a correlation between her name and her race. That's just a coincidence that has resulted in a dual-burden for her advancement.

I know a lot of Indian people in my parents' generation who've taken on Caucasian-sounding names because they don't believe they can succeed in the business world with an unpronounceable name. One couple I know now goes by Ken and Barbie. And also, look about Bobby Jindal. I know he converted but did he really need to get rid of his Indian name?

This woman rose above arguably the worst name ever. She attended institutes of higher learning. She has a respectable job. Tyra Banks had a show a while back on which she asserted that people with over-the-top non-white-sounding names would be unlikely candidates for a job. Way to be stereotypical. All I can say is, in your face Tyra!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Survey: "German twenty-somethings prefer Internet to partner"

I love Gmail because it gives me such entertaining headlines like the one above as check my inboxx.

When asked whether they would give-up internet access and cell phones for their current partner, industry surveyers in Hanover, Germany found that 84% of young adults said hell to the naw to that proposition.

Is it sad that I would choose the same thing too? As revealing as this survey is about the times we live in, I don't necessarily think that this is a shocking piece of news.

Can you imagine your life without internet? Now can you imagine your life without your current partner? Odds are that you snatched that special someone with the help of Facebook/Friendster/MySpace/ (o it's okay to admit this). Real human connections are an important part of our lives but now the computer plays such an integral role forming that connection.

Like the industry president said, "the Web creates real relationships and does not result in autism and dehumanization."

Relationships forged online do not make them less genuine than ones formed the "old-fashioned" way. Technology changes how we interact with our surroundings. It's not that younger people are willing to live without companionship, but we've been brought up in a time where without the Net, we can just become plain ignorant and disconnected from the goings-on in the world.

But can the internet replace an actual partner? Not in terms of physically, but can a computer provide emotional comfort, companionship and acceptance in the place of an actual human being? I think it can to a certain degree. Of course one is connecting with other entities online so it's not all robotic/impersonal. Hmm something to ponder over, I suppose.

The study also noted that those surveyed would still rather make-out with an actual human than their computer anyday. Okay, I may have added that tidbit.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Beyonce's new single: I'm a I'm a aaaa-nnoying!

Beyonce wearing an ancient Japanese torture device on the set of the "Diva" music video

I don't enjoy bashing music. I really do love music, truly madly deeply. However, I think Beyonce is one of the most annoying performers of our generation (i.e. Single Ladies, the pink panther song: Check on it).

The girls got pipes and looks and moves BUT she always settles for catchy, highpitched anthems and dances in unflattering unitards.

After her marriage to Jay Hizzle, I really thought she was a changed woman. I was diggin' "If I Were a Boy." It was a refreshing, raw, beautiful, simple...something that I haven't heard from Beyonce yet.

Then "Diva" comes along and changes errthing. Lyrics below

(sung by dwarves)
I'm a I'm a a diva hey
I'm a I'm a a diva hey

diva is a female version of a hustlah
of a of a hustlah
diva is a female version of a hustlah
of a of a hustlah

So profound, Beyonce. Her style has digressed about a decade with this song back to the Destiny's Child days.
A few quibbles, if I may:

A. Beyonce is not a hustlah, is just ridiculously wealthy. She has a pretty clean record mugshots, arrests. Pretty wholesome actually.

B. Diva is NOT a female version of a hustla, of a, of a hustla. Diva is more like drama queen while hustlers are pretty much crackheads (thanks, Melvin!). Girls can be hustlas and guys can be divas, too. Mrs. Jay Hizzle, please do not equate the two and miseducate an entire generation into thinking that these words are alike
C. Bring back that classy lady that sung at the Inauguration. Bitch, Puh-lease?

Beyonce being classy and fierce at the Inauguration.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Pussycat Dolls? Porque, Mr. Rahman, porque???

So apparently I'm going to run on this Slumdog train for as long as possible.
I was listening to B96 the other day (ya know, the Chicago station that play hits for hiphop and r&b), and I hear the Pussycat Dolls and AH Rahman's remixxed version of the Grammy Winning song from Slumdog Millionaire, "Jai Ho."

Now I heard that Ryan Seacrest just played it on air for the heck of it on Kiss FM but it has caught on with other radio stations and B96 is actually playing it in their lineup right after a Lil' Wayne number. Serious biiiitch please moment right there. I dunno...I find it a little odd. The original is aiiiight but with the flighty vocals of the PCDs, it sounds like the lyrics are just on repeat for the entire song.

I personally can be content never hearing "Jai Ho" in my lifetime's that kind of annoying. O well, for your listening pleasure or displeasure...YOU DECIDE: