Monday, March 2, 2009

Beyonce's new single: I'm a I'm a aaaa-nnoying!

Beyonce wearing an ancient Japanese torture device on the set of the "Diva" music video

I don't enjoy bashing music. I really do love music, truly madly deeply. However, I think Beyonce is one of the most annoying performers of our generation (i.e. Single Ladies, the pink panther song: Check on it).

The girls got pipes and looks and moves BUT she always settles for catchy, highpitched anthems and dances in unflattering unitards.

After her marriage to Jay Hizzle, I really thought she was a changed woman. I was diggin' "If I Were a Boy." It was a refreshing, raw, beautiful, simple...something that I haven't heard from Beyonce yet.

Then "Diva" comes along and changes errthing. Lyrics below

(sung by dwarves)
I'm a I'm a a diva hey
I'm a I'm a a diva hey

diva is a female version of a hustlah
of a of a hustlah
diva is a female version of a hustlah
of a of a hustlah

So profound, Beyonce. Her style has digressed about a decade with this song back to the Destiny's Child days.
A few quibbles, if I may:

A. Beyonce is not a hustlah, is just ridiculously wealthy. She has a pretty clean record mugshots, arrests. Pretty wholesome actually.

B. Diva is NOT a female version of a hustla, of a, of a hustla. Diva is more like drama queen while hustlers are pretty much crackheads (thanks, Melvin!). Girls can be hustlas and guys can be divas, too. Mrs. Jay Hizzle, please do not equate the two and miseducate an entire generation into thinking that these words are alike
C. Bring back that classy lady that sung at the Inauguration. Bitch, Puh-lease?

Beyonce being classy and fierce at the Inauguration.



divadiv said...

Ok, here's where I have to politely disagree with Cris. I love this wave B's riding on this year. She kinda is the diva of the moment.

I have to say, catchy as the song is, the definition is confusing. I can see where she's coming from calling herself a hustler considering that she's the face of Loreal (make-up and hair color), the House of Dereon, Am. Express, DirecTv, etc. etc., but there's probably a better word for it.

As for single lady anthems, I will say, Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman" totally has the better message. "Single Ladies" just has that crazy dance.

Lijo said...

Im with Cris, Beyonce has so much more talent than she shows. But then again, her music is flying off the shelves, so what would I know?