Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Aint Easy Being Green ... With Envy

Have you seen this video yet?

When my brother alerted me to this viral vid, titled UCLA Girl's Asian Rant, I was expecting an outrageous racist rant; instead I saw a mildly annoying ignorant young woman who is tragically out of touch with the rest of the world.

Mostly, I just feel bad for her. She's clearly jealous that:

A. No one in her family ever comes to visit her at her apartment complex, and she wishes her family was as tightly knit as all those Asian ones surrounding her

B. She's not cool enough to ever receive phone calls while at the library

C. She doesn't know an awesome "secret" language to talk shit about other people in

I'm a little surprised this girl even got into UCLA. She seems a bit of a dim bulb and she can't even create a proper rant video. This reaction video, on the other hand is hilarious. Check it out.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Pass the Crazysauce, Please

Hot off his latest rant against CBS, formerly esteemed actor Charlie Sheen announced his tour. Tour!? Hard to believe that someone who has no act would hit the road, but hey, what could be more fun than a live show that follows the progress of a mental breakdown?

The "Charlie Sheen: My Violent Torpedo of Death/Defeat Is Not an Option Show" was announced last week, with an initial two-city line-up. Tickets sold out in mere minutes. Sheen has since expanded his tour to include the concert venue at my fair university. Tickets run about $100. Worse, people (students) are actually willing to pay for this window into man's descent into madness.

I think the name says it all. Sheen is a paranoid delusional. Projections are that Charlie Sheen will make a $7 million profit off his "monologue"-filled tour. Apparently, there are thousands of people out there who are cool with his antics, but I'm not comfortable with supplying him with that much money to support his clear drug habit and bi-polar behavior.

Dude needs help. But he's so filthy rich, he's not going to hit rock bottom for a while... until something tragic happens, no doubt. Hope those $100 tickets are worth it... or you leave feeling like you're winning.

Also, I know this man thinks he has tiger blood pumping through his veins, but what qualifies him as a superhero? What has he done that was remotely close to saving a life? Other than serving as a good example of how to take drugs, act irresponsibly, disrespect your boss, win fans, and make millions of dollars. Thanks as always for being a role model, Charlie.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Anderson Cooper: Man of Many Faces

Anderson Cooper, hands down, is my favorite newsman.

Actually, this may sound odd coming from the mouth of a former journalism student, but other than Brian Williams, Cooper is the only nightly newsman I can stand these days.

What I love most about Anderson is his versatility. First of all, he is a top-notch journalist. This man is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Whether he's saving a teen from a mob in Haiti or getting punched in the face by Mubarak supporters in Egypt, he's where the latest news is.

Bitch, please
cannot wait for the fall premiere of Anderson, his daytime talk show. Though he behaves like the consummate professional on Anderson Cooper 360, he has demonstrated his gift of natural banter in hilarious turns hosting CNN's New Years Eve bash with Kathy Griffin and filling in for Regis on Regis & Kelly.

Most of all, I look forward to hearing about his guarded personal history. No, I don't care if he ever comes out as gay or not (that's up to him); I want to know about his childhood. As an heir to the Vanderbilt fortune and son of the famous jean designer/socialite, he's sure to have some colorful stories.

For instance, during CNN's MJ tribute, Cooper revealed this gem:

"When I was 10, for some odd reason, I went to Studio 54 with Michael Jackson and a bunch of people and I had no idea who he was and I saw him dance and I was like, Oh, that guy is a really good dancer."

What was little Anderson doing at Studio 54 when he was only 10? I want to know more about his club kid background.

Let's face it. He's a hard man to hate. He is TV's top silver fox. He's a celebrated watchdog of the people. And based on his 2011 NAACP Image Award nomination, he might even be an honorary person of color. Cuz he's cool like that.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Kiss Heard 'Round the World?

It finally happened. Sweet little Kurt got a smooch from his season-long crush Blaine on Glee. More than one, actually. Now, it wasn't the first same sex kiss on the show, that's apparently old news (I'm a little out of the viewing loop), but it was the first kiss shared within the development of a traditional teen romance.

Kurt's first kiss came earlier this season via an angry closeted bully. So last night, prime time America got to see two teenage boys realize their mutual attraction. Awww, gay love. Precious.

Recall that it was only 11 years ago that Jack kissed Will on Will and Grace, marking the first same-sex male kiss on a prime time comedy. Since then, we haven't seen too much of it. I mean, are Mitchell and Cam ever going to kiss on Modern Family? How am I ever supposed to find them a believable married couple!

Say what you will about Glee and its overblown, overwrought plotlines, predilection toward cheesy 80s ballads, misguided themed episodes and unbelievable characters. None of that can take away from its power to elevate outsiders to the mainstream. Yes, sometimes the show treads dangerously close to those shooting star "the more you know" moments, but that's exactly what I love about it. Heavy-handed or not, Glee's message of tolerance just can't be ignored.