Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Errbody in the corner has swagga like us, swagga swagga like us.

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we would like to comemmorate the death of a word. Swagger...Swagga...Swag...whatever you like to call it is has officially died.

Song after numerous song had tried to insert Swagger somewhere in its lyrics until finally Swagger took its last breath.

The time of death cannot be certain but it could lay anywhere between Soulja Boy's aptly titled, "Swag," T.I., Lil Wayne and JayZ's "Swagger Like Us" ...or quite frankly, anything done by Lil' Wayne.

Swag's short life span in mainstream vernacular has taken a toll on the actual meaning of the word. Before it's exploitation during the PLWE (that is, the Pre- Lil' Wayne Era), Swagger had often times been confused with Stagger, as the two words sound very much alike. However, the crux of Swag's definition is that a person who possesses it "walks boldly, steadily" and "with an air of confidence"-- not like the latter's definition of "tottering" around.

Now apparently everyone in da' corner has swagga like us, swagga swagga like us.

During its heydey, many of Swagger's competitors had gone into hiding. Every word from Confidence to Charisma to Mojo to Gusto had been placed under the umbrella of Swagger. We tried to reach out to some of these antonymns but none were brave enough to respond.... perhaps they had no Swagger themselves?

Someone was kind enough to compile a playlist --a memorial of sorts--so that we can never forget the contribution that Swagger has made to the musical world. The list isn't complete, but nevertheless, it hints at how far and wide Swagger has travelled into our ears and inside hearts and eventually out to the vomit receptacles where overused words eventually end up.

Please, ladies and gents, do not give hope up on Swagger. We pray everyday that its elusiveness and integrity may one day be restored.

Till then....In memoriam, Swagger, in memoriam.