Monday, April 20, 2009

What ignoramus is behind the Burger King ads???

Before I begin, I just wanted to say "Amen" to D's post below! Ughhh nothing's worse than an unwelcomed grinder.

Speaking of grinding, did you happen to catch Burger King's lastest commercial?

I just happened to see it on TV and found it really disturbing.

Instead of dancing to Sir Mixalots' "I like big butts," dancers were booty shaking it to "I like square butts" with square boxes stuck atop their deriere, all the while promoting flame-broiled goodness. Naturally the King was all up on the dancers, grinning like a pervert. First of all, what the H do booty dancers have to do with my hamburger??!??

Second-and here's the kicker-this commercial was for the BK Kid's Meal. Booty dancing and a creepy King for a Kid's meal commercial? This perverseness is not new when talking about BK. They have been putting out a slew of contraversial commercials. Remember when they taste tested the Whopper with people from the most isolated part of the world in order to get their pure, untainted opinion of it? Div wrote a great blog on it a whiles back. I'll post it when I find it. They also promoted their miniburgers, the BK stacker, by using midget actors.

What do you think of BK's line of ads recently? A bit much?


divadiv said...
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divadiv said...

I'll always thought Mix A Lot was a sell out but, this commercial is beyond creepy. Also, if your [little kid] anaconda responds to square butts, there might be a problem.

Also, the extended version of the commercial is truly disturbing. All this innuendo about being wet and sponges...