Monday, April 13, 2009

Maybe Texas Should Just Leave the Union

Texas Representative Betty Brown has requested that Asian-Americans change their names so they are "easier for [other] Americans to deal with."

This story offends me on so many levels. First of all, as an Asian-American with a supposedly unpronounceable name, I dare anyone to make me change my name. Not happening. Second, to force people to change their names for voting purposes is a clear civil rights violation. And third, well, I just came back from Austin and had a great time there (though I must note that I observed Austin to be pretty White-washed).

Read about it here:

Good old Democratic Party (as well as The Organization of Chinese Americans, and I'm sure several other Asian-American groups) demanded an apology. Brown gave one a few days later, and made some other stupid statements about "diversity" and "enrichment." Ya right, if you really appreciated diversity and felt that different ethnic backgrounds enrich a state, you wouldn't have made those comments in the first place, would you?

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