Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is it with black women and their hair?

Oh Lordy! Miss Tyra Banks is at it again. Sure to be an enlightening episode, Tyra is inviting people to be on the show tentatively titled: ARE YOU A BLACK WOMAN WHO HATES NATURAL OR UNPROCESSED KINKY HAIR?

Can't WAIT for this episode.

See, our unnatural obsession with the show stems from our college experiences and more specifically a course that we took called Fashion of Politics-which we'll probably refer to as FOP since we're going to bring it up so much. We had a few classes dedicated to "ethnic" hair, so there is much to discuss indeed.

Stay tuned people.

If you can't get enough of Tyra then you can catch tonite's episode: "I am a straight male who makes gay porn"

God Bless Tyra Banks!


Anonymous said...

For more information on black women and their hair, see Chris Rock's Sundance-premiered documentary "Good Hair"

Lijo said...

Tyra just can't get over the fact that her time as a celebrity has passed. Thus, she started a talk show.

But I think the straight guys who do gay porn do it for the money. I hear gay porn stars get paid more.

divadiv said...

One does have to wonder if Tyra's once again basing a show on her own preferances, so she can spend the whole episode talking about herself.

Have you noticed how her gets lighter every season?