Friday, January 30, 2009

Octuplets Madness

Call me a horrible person, but all this talk about the women who gave birth to octopulets makes me think of Apu and Manjula from the Simpsons. Now, I don't want to get all judgmental about her situation. As a young woman, I can't imagine popping out eight kids at once. The thought kind of makes me want to throw up. All of you Jon and Kate + Eight watchers know what I'm talking about. Kate's stomach in the opening credits is nasty.

And she already has six kids. How much do you wanna bet they'll be debuting on Oprah in the near future? How long before TLC offers them their own show?


Anonymous said...

8 kids at once + 6 kids previously. I can't imagine what drives a person with six kids to take fertility treatments.

Michelle said...

I definitely don't get it either. Why don't people who want big families adopt some kids? There are so many kids out there who need homes and yet these crazy parents decide that they need to crowd up the world even more by having waaaaay too many children. It makes no sense to me.