Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bush said NO to Soldiers' funerals.

Watching MSNBC is like a drug to me. Rachel Maddow is cute-as-a-button and don't get me started on Dan Abrams, rawwwr. It may be too left-ist for most people's liking, but it's entertaining as all heck.

While watching Hardball with Chris Mathews last night on the same network (you know that guy who coughs up a lung everytime he speaks), I learned some very disturbing piece of news. How I did not know about this before? I have no idea!
Yesterday I learned that Pres. W Bush would not go to any funerals of fallen military men and women. Nor will he let media take pictures of the coffins of those soldiers arriving onto Deleware shores. Here's an article from 2006 discussing it.

Something about that piece of news really hit me hard. It made the war that much more real.

I guess in terms of his policies, why would Bush go to the funerals? It would be admitting defeat against the War on Terror and lower morale. Deep down I just think his conscious couldn't take it either.
But is ideological upkeep worth it when things are going terribly wrong?
Should Obama attend military funerals? Discuss.


Lijo said...

I think the real question is whether ANY of the war-time presidents went to their soldiers funerals. I doubt Lincoln or Washington saw the majority of their soldiers getting buried. So I don't see why Bush gets all this blame. True, he should have attended at least a few of the more valiant soldiers, but telling that he HAD to attend these funerals is insane.

Christine said...

There definitely was a media bias in the way this news was presented. This was MSNBC, after all. I'm not sure what other president had this policy. But I do see reasons why he implemented this politically. I'm sure family and friends of fallen soldiers will think differently.