Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post-Inauguration Madness

The Presidential Oath happened in a flurry. Apparently at noon, before the swearing in, Obama automatically becomes president. I'm sure there's a celestial, astronomical meaning but I don't want to go to much into that right now.

You may have heard the usually cool as a cucumber President fumble a bit during swearing-in.
He re-took the oath today after Chief Justice Roberts flubbed it! Conspiracy, I say!

Here are some funnies to keep the Inauguration spirit alive.

The Top Google searches of the day and opinions courtesy of
Chicago Tribune's Rob Manker:

"Presidential oath"
Just say the words. Any order you'd like.

"Dick Cheney wheelchair"
The Bush administration said the outgoing vice president pulled a muscle in his back while moving boxes. Of what? Halliburton checks?

"How old is Obama"
Roughly 15 years younger than how he'll look four years from now.


"Barbara Bush"
Still looks great on the $1 bill.



Whitney xo said...

Hello Ladies...yes I am your first comment! I am proud and I think you two are fabulous....I do not check blogs on a regular basis but I might have to make a change for yours! I love you guys! And yes, please do discuss Tyra...I will enjoy that very very much! Love Whit XO. GOBAMA.

divadiv said...

You know what's funny/sad Cris, I actually worked with Rob at the Trib. Also a copy editor.

Bitch, please! said...

Thanks for the comment, Whit! We love you for being our first commentor.