Thursday, April 15, 2010

Funny Find

Last night, I caught a rerun of Late Night with David Letterman, which featured comedian Danny Bhoy, a guy I am now officially in love with.

Why? Maybe it's the Scottish accent. I find Craig Ferguson to be super hi-larious, so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say I find Scottish accents funny.

But there's more to it. I like that Danny, similar to Aziz Ansari (another one of my comedy crushes) comes from an ethnic background, but doesn't make his comedy about it. Sure Danny Bhoy doesn't look like the typical Scottish person, but what does that look like anyway? James McAvoy? [Well, if all Scots looked like him, I'm going to have to move there.]I didn't realize that he was Indian until I saw the spelling of his name and researched him.

Sure, it would be easy to make jokes about being an Indo-Scot. I'm not even sure that's a real term. I'm sure that background makes for a comedy goldmine.

Though his international status is cause for joke, it's not his only bit. I'm going to look out for this guy in the future. The Indian diaspora is perhaps the most far-reaching in the world and it is fascinating for me to see a Scottish desi. I hope he gets a break.

*Note - had to post a different video because CBS has a copyright on the Danny Bhoy bit. So enjoy this video from him on tour in Aussieland.*

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