Monday, March 15, 2010

Census or DIE!

It's that time of the decade again. Census Time! Some thoughts as I look over the brand-spanking new census form...

I've enjoyed watching the US government passively-aggressively push the census with their inspirational yet mandatory commercials.

O won't you please take a few minutes and fill out the census? (happy face) By the way, YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW! (evil face) No really, please fill it out (desperate face) .

Side note: Reminds me of when I pay toll and as a drive out, there is a sign that thanks you for riding the if I had a choice! hmmmph

Ah, the race box.
What to check, what to check. Well I'm not sure how the last census categorized races, but this one is full of goodies.

For example, instead of the umbrella race of "Asian/Pacific Islander" you can check Asian Indian, Guamianan (did you know Guam is a US territory nearby Korea?? and Guamanians are US citizens???), Vietnamese, etc.

However, there is an "Other Asian" box where you can write in races that do not have their own designated boxes, like "Pakistani." Isn't it amazing that two nations (India & Pakistan) artificially carved out 60 or so years ago, can be so socially and economically different as to deserve a different racial regonition (as opposed to the catch-all, South Asian). Social construction at its finest!

The government giveth, the government taken away.
Did you know the US government invented the term "Hispanic" for census purposes? This time around, the governments makes it clear that "hispanic origins are not races." One can be Mexican, Chicago, Cuban, or even Spaniard. Well are not Spaniards FROM Spain and thus = White?

The Duggers

The census only allows 12 household members to be listed. Forget about undocumented aliens, what about Undocumented Duggers? Scary, scary thought

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divadiv said...

Only 12 people? That's not good news for the Octo-mom and her expanding brood. They're going to throw everything off.