Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vanity "Fair"

Anything missing from this photo?

My instant reaction the new Vanity Fair cover was "Wow! Everyone is Caucasian" (perhaps less formal that that, but nevertheless).

The lack of diversity in their "New Decade, New Hollywood" issue was glaring and almost obvious to the point of intentional.

Now I'm not going to say what other actresses of color should have been on there, but how could Vanity Fair NOT see how glaring the omission is that they made? And yes, I am saying that the publication should have made an intentional effort to put in a few notable actresses that happen to be from more diverse backgrounds.

Seriously, anyone else would've been better than Kristen Stewart.

Vanity Fair attempted this diversity thing in their 2008 issue by including in Zoe Saldana and America Herrera on the cover inserts.

Come on VF! Let's progress and not digress!


divadiv said...
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divadiv said...

Vanity Fair, when will you learn? From their LeBron cover a few years ago to their annual whitewashed new Hollywood covers, they project ethnocentricity all over the place. Maybe that's why Annie Leibovitz went broke.

I know it sounds like I'm always harping on Precious, but seriously? Gabby Sidibe deserved to be on that cover. She's been nominated for every prestigious acting award this season and this her first film project.

divadiv said...
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divadiv said...

My bad, I guess the LeBron image was in Vogue. Same difference. If you recall, though, VF published that ridiculous Tiger Woods cover a few months ago.

Christine said...

Annie Leibowitz happens to always be the photog!