Monday, December 14, 2009

Finding a lack in the land of excess

I just returned from in-service (AmeriCorps) training in Las Vegas. I had a great time. But I have one qualm. Equal opportunity please. I had been warned beforehand but, I'm not sure I prepared myself for being accosted by men handing out calling cards. Walking down the strip, every few feet, you run into men passing out trading cards for women, who according to their vests will be available withing 20 minutes. I didn't get any cards because I'm a female and these guys passed me by when handing out the cards. However, there were men in my group, and I noticed that these cards were virtually forced upon my male travel companions. It was rather refreshing to see these guys turn down the cards but I can only imagine how annoyed they were with being harassed.

Not that I enjoy being harassed. But I want to know: where are the cards for the ladies? If prostitution is such big business in Vegas, there must be plenty of gigolos around. Not that I was planning on calling upon one of those call men (and not that I feel like women really need to pay for sex) but, I would have enjoyed collecting some keepsake cards for myself. It's the principle of the matter. Women should have equal access to sexual services. It's kind of like strip clubs: male dancers aren't as big of a turn on to women as female dancers are to men but, I think women should have the access to establishments where they can see men strip if they so desire.

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