Monday, November 9, 2009

Weave: Not Just For Women

My family essentially has no interest in any sporting events that are broadcast in the U.S., except for one: tennis. So last night, my family and I gathered 'round the TV set to catch the exclusive Katie Couric -Andre Agassi interview. We weren't even five minutes in when Agassi dropped a bombshell: his trademark hair? A Weave! He made some other bold statements as well regarding his meth addiction and his extreme dislike for the sport that made allowed him to accumulate massive wealth but, after he let that secret slip, I stopped listening to the rest of the interview.

Not to make light of whatever was creating his baldness but, I really love that his mane of hair was a weave. I've read so much lately (coinciding with the release of Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair" ) about women's vanity and extravagance relating to their hair. And here's this man famous for his lustrous locks, which turn out to be tracks. In the interview, Agassi told this traumatic story about how his weave fell out in the shower right before a big match. His brother had to help him bobby pin it back in place. Good stuff!

Just goes to show, this so-called "vanity" is not just a women's thing. It's human nature to care about the way in which one is presented to society.

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